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Grace is God's compassion seeking the soul, freely distributing His loving embrace, and inviting you and me into it. Grace is everywhere. It is simply a matter of opening the heart to perceive and receive it. Grace is also elegant ease of movement refined by and aligned with God's divine will and direction. White Lotus Grace moves with God's graceful lead to experience and embody the pinnacle of that unified grace.

My Method

The Lotus Affect

God has poured His grace into every feature of His creation. A lotus flower expresses the touch of His divine grace in several symbolic ways. It is extraordinarily resilient and endowed with self-cleaning properties. Although born from the mud, it rises above and blossoms with peace and beauty. A white lotus is especially pure and radiant. The opening of her petals represents the expansion of good fortune for the soul. From seed to sprout to stem to bud and bloom, the lotus offers herself in service. The Lotus Affect reflects your innately similar self-healing and lovingly revealing nature as an eternal spirit soul.


My method of nurturing you infuses movement and dance with prayer - and prayer with movement and dance - to receive God's grace and guidance. It helps you draw out and release embedded trauma so you can rise above, reconnect with your real self and revive your personal relationship with God. It supports you to take your own next step closer to God, develop soul-deep faith and God-conscious self-confidence, and express your unique devotion in motion.

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About Me

I have an extensive performance and teaching background in ballet, enhanced by modern, jazz, Hawaiian hula, and classical Indian dance. My love for God embraces the common essence shared by all faiths. I was raised with the grace of my mother's Christianity and trained in the pure love of God practices and teachings of the Krishna Bhakti tradition. Ignatian spirituality has inspired me, and healing has been my calling and life's work. 

My Story

Grace is the nearest and dearest substance to my heart and the soul who I am. Grace is the reason I live and give. A lifetime of experiences has grown my love of God and brought me to this place of appreciating and embracing grace. When I look back, it enthuses me to see the seeds that God has planted and carefully cultivated in my heart from the very start and through life along the way. 

It all began in my tiniest age and stage. I came into this world feeling like I don't belong here. Even as a young child in my own bedroom I cried to go home. That lonely homesick ache in my soul continued with me as I grew, getting larger and deeper simultaneously too.

At first, it expressed itself as excruciatingly painful shyness and fear of others than my mother. Thankfully, God moved her with the wisdom to begin me in dance lessons at the age of three. It was her intent to help me out of my shell and into the comfort of being myself and around others. Indeed, dance drew me out and drew me in, grew me up and calmed me down within. Once I developed that joyful connection with and heartfelt expression through dance, I never left it and it never left me.

But there was a time when that world of dance lay dormant within me like a lotus in the mud in the mid of winter. After a thriving season of pre-professional dancing in early adolescence, I moved into a place of worship where I learned to dedicate every moment from morning to night in loving service to God. Of course, I could have included and continued to dance, but instead I became still as I immersed in prayer, studying scriptures, chanting God's names, and learning everything I could about the way of devotion and compassion.

After seven years of that monastic life within my teens and 20s, I had to relocate due to difficulty with my health. I carried the deep world of devotion within me and gradually began to heal. The real turning point to restoration came when an invitation to dance again arrived. Movement brought me back to essential aspects of myself I had forgotten. It rebalanced my intensely thoughtful inner world with the opportunity to express it outwardly. Body, heart, mind, and soul came into alignment.

As time moved on and I moved with it, other inner and outer challenges appeared. Deep self-doubt and other residue of trauma arose to the surface. From within, God moved me to move and dance through all my pain and prayers. Again, I discovered, uncovered, recovered, and healed.

A communion occurred- a dialogue with God in heart-and-body-language as I moved and danced. Within each movement, I expressed and listened. Within each movement, I heard and received His reciprocation. He guided me when, where, and how to move. He showed me, told me, and enabled me to feel truth otherwise hidden to the ordinary physical senses. He enriched and refined my inner world as He revealed it and healed me.

It was there in that communion and conduit from God that I met grace. Joy emerged from the soul in the confluence of God's compassion and the connection with Him through movement and dance. It was there that the white lotus of that good fortune and grace was born and blossomed. Now it is here at White Lotus Grace that I care to share His favor and its feeling, flavor, and fragrance to heal the heart, balance the body, mind, and emotions, and soothe the soul. I invite you to come pray, move, dance, and heal with God, His grace, and me!


I welcome connection and look forward to hearing how I can serve you.

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