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What Is Bhakti?

The Art & Science of Spiritual Love & Devotion

Bhakti is the essence of love of God flowing throughout all devotional traditions and religions. When Jesus said love God with all your heart, mind, and soul, he was teaching the essential principle of bhakti, as he lived it. Many representatives of God throughout history and the world have conveyed this message. In the language of the Vedas, it is discerned, defined, and developed in pure and thorough detail. Ultimately, bhakti is the engagement of one's entire being with the favorable and exclusive intention of pleasing the Supreme Person, in whose intimate love, charm, and friendship we are invited to wholly reunite.

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"God", The Vedas, and How Bhakti Heals

A Holistic Vision

The Vedas are a vast body of literature containing knowledge in every field of human life to help the soul navigate this world and reach the ultimate destination beyond it. This ancient manual of life was Divinely compiled over 5,000 years ago and culminates in Srimad-Bhagavatam, the mature blossom of all its wisdom and realization. In that beautiful blossom of the Bhagavatam, the revelation of God unfolds through three phases and features: the all-pervading universal form, the Divine inner guide in the heart, and the Supreme Person who is the Source of both. Bhakti (devotional service) reconnects the soul with the complete whole. 

Intuitive Healing Rooted in Bhakti

Purity is the Force

Intuitive healing carries various interpretations. It generally refers to energy channeled from and guided by a higher source with extra subtle sensory ability and perception. The sources connected with vastly vary in the field. The Vedas and Srimad-Bhagavatam, however, are precise in discerning matter from spirit, ethereal from spiritual, celestial from Divine, the material mode of goodness from Transcendence, and the light of God from the Supreme Person emanating it. Every energy and entity are named and identified with complete information about its relationship to the Supreme Source. 

In the language of bhakti, intuition is the knowledge that God gives the devoted soul to return to their natural relationship with the Supreme personal loving feature of God.  That knowledge includes the ability to discern the various energies and gradations of subordinate sources. Bhakti directly connects with and derives life from the Supreme Source, who is the origin and master of all energies. Thus, every power and benefit are encompassed, and every purpose is accomplished within the healing grace and guidance from the one and only pure root of all existence.

Bhakti Healing Arts

At White Lotus Grace, spiritual energy healing flows from God through a conduit of devotion and Divine grace. Devotion (bhakti) is the active healing ingredient as well as the fully healed condition of the soul. It brings a soothing effect to the mind, heart, and senses, while restoring the inner self to harmony with its spiritual nature and relationship with Divinity. The devotional wisdom of the Vedas offers time-proven practices for yielding this transcendental restoration, with respect for every faith. You can learn more about these practices and the deep spiritual science supporting them within the offerings at White Lotus Grace.

You can also receive, experience, and engage in your own intuitive healing infused with bhakti here. Through prayer, movement, and meditation, I draw upon the guidance of God within the heart (known as Paramatma in Sanskrit) to support you through every stage of your personal transformation. Whether you are dealing with internal or external obstacles, or are simply desiring to deepen your development, I share the bhakti-powered healing that Krishna (a name for God as the Supreme Person who attracts all souls) reveals.


As a clairvoyant, clairaudient, empath, dancer, and devotee - raised with Christian roots, trained in the Bhakti tradition, and endowed with experienced abilities in the intuitive healing arts and the expressive healing art of dance - I offer you a unique union of attributes in the assorted service of White Lotus Grace. To understand more about what these words and traits mean,

please continue reading or view the Glossary below.




Bhakti is the Sanskrit word for the art and science of spiritual love and devotion. Combined with the word yoga, which means to link, bhakti embodies the yoga of the heart, linking it in love and devotion of the eternal self in relationship with God, the Supreme Divine Person and Source. The essence of bhakti can be found throughout the world's various God-loving spiritual traditions and religions.


At White Lotus Grace, God is respected as being the one and same Supreme Being honored in all devotional scriptures and traditions, appreciated from different angles of vision and relationship, as expressed in varied depths and languages according to time, place, and circumstances. From the Bhakti tradition and texts, God is regarded as the Supreme Divine Person who is simultaneously the Source of everything and seated in everyone's heart as the Friend, Witness, and Guide.

Devotional Intuition

Devotional intuition hails from the heart where God accompanies and guides the soul. This feature of Divinity is known as Paramatma (Supersoul) in the ancient spiritual wisdom of the Vedas. That Supersoul is the source of knowledge, remembrance, and forgetfulness and communicates in many ways, including extrasensory perception. This intuition is especially meant to lead us home to our eternal self in loving relationship with the Supreme Lover and Friend, God.


Healing is ultimately the restoration of the soul to its innate nature in Divine love. It is a process - a gradual process - that begins where we are and slowly relieves, releases, renews, replenishes, repatterns, realigns, and rebirths to bring a sense of harmony and wholeness throughout our entire being. Healing entails both weeding the garden of the heart and cultivating it to bloom, ie. clearing what we don't want and growing the best of who we truly are.


White Lotus Grace identifies that which is spiritual according to the explanation of the Vedas. Spirit is eternal, finer than physical and subtle matter, and transcendental to it. God and soul are both spiritual, whereas the mind, intelligence, and false ego comprise the subtle material body. Thus, the ethereal world and psychic field are distinguished from the spiritual realm and resources.


I prefer to use the word intuitive instead of psychic since the latter may carry connotations and misunderstandings, though both are applicable to my God-given service and professional capacity. There are different types of intuitive or psychic gifts, not all of which include predicting the future and none of which see or know all things. As an intuitive, I am a conduit of what God grants me the grace to see, hear, and feel through my heart's inner senses.


The gift of empathic intuition yields acute sensitivity to feel subtle energies and emotions that are likewise beyond the ordinary range to perceive. An empath experiences others' feelings happening within their own body, mind, and emotions. Just as an empath is a finetuned receiver of energy, an empath is also able to send or channel energy as well.


Clairvoyance is the gift of "clear seeing" beyond the range of vision of the physical eyes into subtler and/or spiritual layers of energy, truth, and existence. In the service offered at White Lotus Grace, I receive clear vision of God-given imagery and symbols, and occasional snapshots of physical information from past, present, or future.


Clairaudience is the gift of "clear hearing" which enables not only reception of telepathy and angelic voices, but at its best will also hear the sound of God in the heart as Supersoul. By Divine grace, I receive words, phrases, and messages from those higher sources to share with you, and I hear thoughts from others to communicate when God wills as well.

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