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1:1 Sessions

Spiritual healing, intuitive readings, dance, meditation, mentoring, and more are offered by phone, virtually, and in person. 15-Minute, 30-Minute, 1-Hour, 90-Minute, and 2-Hour private sessions are available. 


A variety of classes in bhakti, healing, dance, and meditation are offered online and in person. Currently on schedule are weekly classes in Healing Dance, Bhakti Healing Arts, and Meditation, plus a Spiritual Support Circle.


Private and group courses, in person or online, are offered for immersion, internalization, and transformation in devotion. A Gentle Course of Embodying Trust and an Embodying Bhakti Collection are featured.

1:1 Sessions

1:1 Sessions

Spiritual Healing

Empathic spiritual healing rooted in bhakti is unlimitedly dynamic, personal, and intuitively guided by God. From emotions to devotion, to relationship healing, whatever you seek will be compassionately nurtured with Divine grace.

Intuitive Readings

Gain a glimpse and more from above, beneath, and beyond the surface. God-given imagery, messages, and energy reveal insight, grace, and guidance to satisfy your inquiries and inspire you in any circumstance.

Devotional Intuition & Healing Grace

This one-of-a-kind blend of beauty channeled from God for you offers a high, deep, and Divine view of you, your life, and purpose. An extraordinary intuitive reading and spiritual healing experience.  

Dance / Movement

Enjoy the joyful power of movement and dance with intuitively guided, devotionally filled, energetically sensitive personalized healing dance, ballet, stretching, and self-expressive creative movement instruction.


Relax, listen, and love with God in your heart amid a medley of mantra meditation, moving meditation, and guided meditation. Everything you need is within this inner space, spiritual sound, and eternal relationship.

Intuitive Mentoring

Cultivate confidence and clarity to use your own God-given gifts in service. Whether you are called to healing, teaching, or any other path, the wisdom of bhakti and intuitively channeled insight will support you every step of the way.



Healing Dance

Ground, center, clear, soothe, and awaken body, mind, and soul. This class offers a gentle but powerful transformative experience that raises energy and consciousness with prayerfully intentioned and intuitively guided movement.


Our meditation class is personal and intuitively guided to meet you where you are and move with you to deeper clarity, connection, and peace. Mantra meditation, moving meditation or guided meditation will nourish healing and devotion.

Bhakti Healing Arts

Discover ancient spiritual healing practices from the devotional wisdom of the Vedas and the transcendental value of bhakti applied to intuitive energy healing and expressive healing arts. 



A Gentle Course of Embodying Inner Trust

Journey into your heart, where soul-deep security is founded. Intuitively guided daily steps with God strengthen your footing in trust until moving by faith becomes an integral way of being. 

Embodying Bhakti Collection

Immerse yourself in a deeply personal experience of devotional songs and scriptures. These courses intuitively guide you through introspective practices which help move the messages from your head to your heart.

Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment

Embrace your relationship with grace as she carries you in her flow to and from God. This Divine alignment is delightful. You will be intuitively supported to identify, hold, embody, hear, and receive grace as it showers upon you.

Sanga & Support

Gentle Bhakti Sanga

Savor the tenderness of bhakti and the gentleness of God/Krishna in safe soft spiritual association. We read, discuss, and apply with intuitively guided contemplative practices to gentle the way.

Spiritual Support Circle

Bring to the circle whatever is on your heart. You will be compassionately heard and gently spiritually supported. Healing will be shared to help you feel lighter, lifted, and richer.

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