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Pray, Dance, Love


Experience healing and devotion in motion. This class embodies moving prayer that unites you in the heartfelt embrace of God's inner grace and personal guidance. It begins with compassionate hearing and sharing, then moves forward and through whatever is on your heart to help you soothe, center, release, revive, and reconnect. Each class holds space for a maximum of 5 people in order to maintain personal quality interaction. Only your own movement and heart are needed. No dance skills or special coordination are required. 


Coming Again in Autumn 2024

Copy of Gentle Japa.png
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Sacred Healing Fusion

Anna Mayta of Mayta Fusion Dance and I combine our very different but complementary styles to create an experience of complete self-expression through sacred dance. Like yin and yang harmonizing in whole balance, our class unites the inner world of meditative healing movement with the outgoing adventure of a spicy world dance mix for total body, mind, and soul upliftment. The Sacred Healing Fusion experience begins with a gentle energy healing dance practice guided to calm the mind, comfort the emotions, and open the heart to connect you with divine grace. The movement then ignites and invites you into unity with a diverse multicultural medley of African dance, Classical Indian, Modern, Latin and Flamenco coming together as one while bringing us all together through dance. Anna and I look forward to sharing this Sacred Healing Fusion with you. We welcome you to observe or participate, and we will support you to modify and move from a chair or your feet as feels best for you.


Coming again in Autumn 2024

Gigi is an incredibly gifted movement teacher. I have been going to a class once a week for over a year now. Every class is an imaginative journey, together creating, with Gigi's guidance, a transcendent energy that carries me through the day and enhances my goals for the week, etc. I can bring anything into that class that I want to move, and we move it, and I grow. She's spiritually gifted and deeply grounded at the same time. At least one of Gigi's classes a week is a must for mental and physical healing and well-being.


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