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White Lotus Grace

Heal, Transform, Blossom

The tenderness of bhakti healing arts is rooted in faith and watered with devotional wisdom. It gently holds and guides your heart through emotional healing and spiritual transformation to help you experience balance, harmony, and confidence

in your body, mind, soul and relationships.

What I Offer & How It Can Help

  • receive answers

  • release trauma

  • calm anxiety

  • move through grief, depression, and difficulties

  • balance emotions and chakras

  • move from the head to the heart and open it

  • overcome self-doubt, low self-esteem and insecurity

  • embody inner trust

  • improve relationships

  • grow closer to God

  • internalize devotion

  • develop spiritually

By God's grace, I have been gifted with natural extrasensory abilities to feel, see, hear, and help beyond the surface. (Clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychic empathy.) Drawing from these gifts and the devotional, dance, and meditation bodies of wisdom I have assimilated, I share gentle but powerful spiritual nurturing support to illumine answers, promote well-being, and intuitively guide you through your progressive heart-and-soul-deep transformation, step by step. 

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Intuitive Healing

Empathic spiritual healing rooted in bhakti is unlimitedly dynamic, personal, and intuitively guided by God. From emotions to devotion, to relationship healing, whatever you seek will be compassionately nurtured with Divine grace.

Intuitive Readings

Gain a glimpse and more from above, beneath, and beyond the surface. God-given imagery, messages, and energy reveal insight, grace, and guidance to satisfy your inquiries and inspire you in any circumstance.

Devotional Intuition & Healing Grace

This one-of-a-kind blend of beauty channeled from God for you offers a high, deep, and Divine view of you, your life, and purpose. An extraordinary intuitive reading and spiritual healing experience.  

Healing Dance

Enjoy the joyful power of movement and dance. Intuitively guided, devotionally filled, energetically sensitive personalized healing movement and dance transform energy, emotions, and patterns.


Relax, listen, and love with God in your heart amid a medley of mantra meditation, moving meditation, and guided meditation. Everything you need is within this inner space, spiritual sound, and eternal relationship.

Intuitive Mentoring

Cultivate confidence and clarity to use your own God-given gifts in service. Whether you are called to healing, teaching, or any other path, the wisdom of bhakti and intuitively channeled insight will support you every step of the way.

Experiential Healing Workshops

Healing Self-Doubt Level II.png

Healing Self-Doubt

Level 2

Rely on your alignment in friendship with God.

Starts on July 9

Embody Inner Trust for women & men.png

Embody Inner Trust

for women & men of any faith

Grow God-conscious


July 10

Healing Self-Doubt

for God-conscious people

Overcome self-doubt

and develop inner trust.

Starts on July 11

To whom it may concern, The support and insight that I received from Gigi during my wife's mental instability and our subsequent divorce was invaluable to preserving my sensitivity and faith in the learnings of life and God's ultimate wisdom.  Gigi is an incredibly sensitive, intelligent and caring individual who is connected at a very deep spiritual level.  I would not have made it through this, the most difficult period of my life, without her input. Thank you so very much.

James B.
aka Jivananda dasa

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