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Devotional Intuition & Healing Grace

Divine Reading & Energy Infusion

Devotional intuition and healing grace create a very special spiritual reading and energy treatment combination. It offers a deep Divine view of you and your soul purpose. In this deluxe session, I move and dance in a meditative trance praying for the grace God desires to give to you. Visions, messages, sensations, and healing energy are channeled through my movement as a conduit. I then describe the insights received, including imagery of the stories in your chakras and the form of transcendental healing grace conveyed to them. You may share your experience, comments, and questions as the reading unfolds or we can discuss them in the end. 

Many clients express that the dance itself is healing, that they feel the energy of it whether their eyes are open watching or closed, and that the entire reading and experience continues to unfold meaning and transformation in their lives for months and years to follow.

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