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Embodying Bhakti Collection

Devotional Internalization Courses

Embodying Bhakti courses flow like a river, immersing you in messages of scriptures and songs of saints, to feel your relationship with them and God/Krishna in your own real personal way. I intuitively guide you through contemplative practices to help you move from the head to the heart, beyond theory to a palpable experience of the spirit of devotion, inner spiritual growth, and authenticity.

The Vaisnava Collection

Dive heart-and-soul-deep into your experience of:

  • Saranagati: 6 Steps to Letting Go and Loving God - A 6-week path of personal discovery of surrender as a reciprocal loving relationship.

  • Embodying Transcendence - A 4-part Bhagavad-gita inspired course, moving through your experience of the modes of material nature and rising above them.

  • Jiva Jago - A 5-part personal awakening in the spirit of Arunodaya Kirtan 2 by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura.

  • Siksastakam - An 8-part personal movement through Mahaprabhu's verses and your relationship with the Holy Name.

  • Clearing the Path of the Heart - A moving meditation experience of anartha-nvritti through Krishna's pastimes.

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Biblical Selection

  • Dancing with the Fruit of the Spirit - A 9-part personal experience of the qualities identified in Galatians.

  • Embodying Love - A 15-part course of movement through the message of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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