Embodying Bhakti

The Art & Science of Spiritual Love & Devotion

Bhakti is the essence of love of God flowing through all devotional spirituality and religions. In an Embodying Bhakti session, I will intuitively support and guide you through contemplative practices with sacred sound, movement, meditation, and more to internalize love of God in an intimately personal way according to the teachings of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. If you are new to these teachings, I will share them and the foundational practices with you as well.

For those who are already on the path of Bhakti, I offer the intuitive gifts I have received in service to help you move from the head to the heart, beyond theory to a palpable experience of the spirit of devotion. Movement fused with prayerful intention carries immense capacity to channel Divine grace, shift subtle energy, and create profound transformations of consciousness that remain embedded in the cellular memory. It thus becomes gently but strongly supportive of inner spiritual growth and authenticity. An Embodying Bhakti Collection of private courses is also available on request. Please inquire for more details.