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Spiritual Healing

 Harmony & Transformation

An empathic spiritual healing session will take a form that meets your needs. It can be a remote or direct treatment in which you passively receive energy that God flows through my movement and hands for you. Stories in your chakras (energy centers) will be revealed through imagery, messages, and sensations while intuitively treating them as needed.


Healing is most effective though when you actively participate in it. When you choose an interactive session, I will guide you through transformative practices as the personal feature of God in my heart and yours intuitively directs each moment. These practices may include meditation, movement, mantras (sacred sound) or other Divinely inspired ways of reaching, releasing, reshaping, and replenishing energy. This is especially helpful for emotional healing, overcoming obstacles in the heart, repatterning, and spiritual development. It is also potently applicable to healing relationships, growing trust in yourself and God, and embodying bhakti, as described below.

swan are swimming in the water,sun light reflect like that sunset with lotus ,lily flower.

Relationship Healing

Change the Dance of Love

A relationship healing session offers intuitive insight and energy to help harmonize, fortify, and sweeten your relationships. I will gently guide you through a holistic experience of your interpersonal patterns and support you with transformative practices to positively redesign them as you desire. This may be undertaken individually or together.

Lotus Flower

Moving by Faith / Embodying Inner Trust

Trust in God & Yourself Grow Together

Spiritual healing rooted in bhakti reaches soul-deep, helping to reveal the core of who you are and your eternal security in relationship with God/Krishna. In this type of session, I will engage the gifts that the Lord in the heart gives to help you overcome doubt and move by faith at your current step of life and spiritual progress. Empathically guided contemplative practices may include gentle movement, meditation, and more to internalize and integrate your faith and trust in your own uniquely personal experiential and embodied way.

Embodying Bhakti

The Art & Science of Spiritual Love & Devotion

Bhakti is the essence of love of God flowing through all devotional spirituality and religions. In a private Embodying Bhakti session, I will intuitively support and guide you through contemplative practices with sacred sound, movement, meditation, and more to internalize love of God in an intimately personal way according to the teachings of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. If you are new to these teachings, I will share them and the foundational practices with you.


For those who are already on the path of Bhakti, I offer the empathic healing gifts Krishna has given me in service to help you move from the head to the heart, beyond theory to a palpable experience of the spirit of devotion. Movement fused with prayerful intention carries immense capacity to channel Divine grace, shift subtle energy, and create profound transformations of consciousness that remain embedded in the subtle body and cellular memory. It thus becomes gently but strongly supportive of inner spiritual growth and authenticity. A collection of Embodying Bhakti Courses is also offered privately or in small groups.

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