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Experiential Healing Workshops

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“For me, overcoming self doubt has always been a challenge for me that requires unpacking many layers of programming that have been indoctrinated into me from a young age. Gigi created a safe and nurturing space to unpack these layers and start the healing process.”

Kush Singh


Healing, Dance & Meditation

An Afternoon of Spiritual Self-Care

Saturday, October 21


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Move Through Grief

Whether you are growing from the hardship of grief or feel yourself stuck in it, this workshop is offered to help you move through it. 

  • Compassionate listening will meet you where you are.

  • Spiritual wisdom will support you.

  • An empathically guided experience will move with you, one gentle step at a time.

Calm Anxiety

Find stillness within the stormy waters of upheaval. This workshop will help you calm the emotional winds with gentle spiritual healing.

  • Reach to the root of anxiety.

  • Release and relax your energy.

  • Experience soul-deep tranquility.

Feeling Forgiveness

Forgiveness is for giving freedom. This workshop will help you give yourself and others this gift so you can feel freedom within you.

  • Bring your hurt feelings and be compassionately heard.

  • Be supported with spiritual perspective.

  • Receive an intuitively guided experience of letting go and forgiving.

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Embody Inner Trust

for women & men of any faith

Grow God-conscious self-confidence.

Dates & Times to Be Decided

In this introductory workshop, you will be gently supported to take one step closer in your relationship with God and experience the trust it fortifies within yourself. Concepts of faith will be discussed and integrated with deep-reaching contemplative practices to learn who you are spiritually and raise awareness in your heart. The live interactive format will allow the content to intuitively flow and form for each individual personally, with opportunity to safely share, connect, and exchange enrichment interpersonally as well. Please feel welcome to join in once or repeatedly. You may also like the Healing Self-Doubt series for systematic progress and thorough transformation.

Healing Self-Doubt

for God-conscious people

Overcome self-doubt and develop inner trust.

Dates & Times to Be Decided

In this 3-part workshop, you will learn gentle ways to form and firm a foundation of trust at every step. Consecutively, each session will give you self-knowledge and contemplative practices to:

  1. Connect with your heart

  2. Receive guidance from God in your heart

  3. Accept who you are, where you are


The intuitively facilitated interactive format makes each lesson personally relevant and experiential so you can leave feeling relief, inspiration, and progressive transformation of your self-doubt into faith.

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Healing Self-Doubt

Level 2

Rely on your alignment in friendship with God.

July 9, 16 & 23 - 4:00-5:30pm EST - $75 or Customized Donation

In this progression from Healing Self-Doubt for God-conscious people, you will be intuitively nurtured to experience yourself being held in your relationship with God, find friendship in it, and proceed at divine speed. The interactive format will continue to share spiritual enrichment and soft powerful practices to transform your doubt into trust from the inside out.

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