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Gentle Japa Support Circle

Softening into Your Relationship with the Holy Name

Japa is the art of personal meditation on the sound of God as His name. More than a practice, it is a relationship. Whether you are long engaged in it or just being introduced, this online support circle invites you to gently grow and get to know the Supreme Person's soft loving grace in your own heart-to-sound communion.

How We Commune

  • Chant one round of the maha-mantra together.

  • Share what is on your heart & be compassionately heard.

  • Be guided through a contemplative experience of your relationship with the holy name.

  • Chant another round with a renewed and gentled heart.

We will begin by chanting one round of holy names of God in the maha-mantra together. Then you are welcome to share anything on your heart that you encounter as an obstacle, inspiration, aspiration, etc. in your chanting. You will be compassionately heard and supported with an empathically guided experience to help you move beyond difficulty and closer to Krishna/God and His holy name as individually needed and desired. Finally, we will take that experience back and integrate its gentle strength as we chant another round of the maha-mantra together and witness the transformation. 

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