Gigi Oppenheimer


Welcome to my sanctuary, White Lotus Grace.

Grace is how it is that I have received intuitive, empathic, healing gifts. Grace has also blessed me with devotion, compassion, faith, dance, a call to write, and the inspiration to weave all these together into a bouquet of spiritual healing arts.

I was introduced to dance at the age of 3 as a means of healing my excessively painful shyness. It was not only an effective cure, but it became an elixir of joy, an ambrosia of life. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I was seriously engaged in studying, performing, and dreaming dance - ballet especially. My first sense of dance as emotional therapy came in the turbulence of my early teenage years. The studio became the safe haven of my soul, where I could pour every feeling into every movement and moment.

Another sacred shelter opened to me when I was 16. It was the grace of Bhakti - love and devotion to God. I took to a monastic way of life in a Vaishnava temple at the age of 17. I spent 7 years there, studying the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, chanting sacred mantras, and dedicating my all in service to Divinity.

In the decades since, my roots of dance and devotion have continued to be watered by a variety of life experiences and nourishing sources. My spirituality draws inspiration from the world's diverse rivers of faith flowing into the ocean of love of God that unifies them. This infuses me with an interfaith spirit of respect and service, honoring each soul and tradition.

With the inner growth of my relationship with Loving Source as the Dearmost Friend of my heart, my awareness of the intuitive healing abilities gifted to me has unfolded.
Application of these abilities has been further enhanced by receipt of mentoring and a vast medley of holistic healing modalities experienced on my journey of self development. Each have become a part of me and the repertoire of principles I call upon in my service to others.

Simultaneously, my vocabulary of movement has been enriched by study of the deep spiritual traditions of Hula and Classical Indian dance. I've become acquainted with multi cultural folk dances, Nia, authentic movement, motion theater, sacred circle dances, and other practices. Incorporating these flavors into my dance school, White Lotus Ballet - Moving Beyond, I have gradually refined my teaching to increasingly focus on the internal and eternal development of the student through creative application of dance and self-expressive movement.

Most importantly, I have discovered myself - a lot about myself, at least. In the sanctuary of my studio, access to my highest self has been revealed. I've discovered the invitation to commune with Spirit/God in the heart through meditation, prayer, and dance, and to serve as a conduit for the flowing of that Divine grace. I've experienced the power for subtle energies of thought, emotion, and relational dynamics to be effectively shifted and transformed by literally moving and re-patterning the physical energy - changing the dance of life. I've discovered that I receive information and energy intuitively and empathically through movement, along with spiritual energy and healing energy to transmit through the same medium. I have discovered as well that sharing these personal discoveries with others in a mood of service is my calling, my contribution, my love, my joy, my vitality, and my life!

And so it is, with all of the above, that I have developed the unique assortment of innovative spiritual healing arts and dance services that I offer here in the safe, serene, supportive atmosphere of White Lotus Grace, locally and online. I invite you to tour the site to find out more about each one and how I may be able to carefully serve you.

Aloha, Namaste, Hare Krishna, and may God bless you!


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