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Moving in Divine Alignment

"When the heart is touching grace, the hands will softly open to whatever is Divinely given and Divinely taken, receiving through them and circulating from them."

View with me deep into the heart and art of graceful living, through a lovely lens of dance and devotion. Grace explores the beautiful domain where the favor of Divinity and elegant life movement meet and honor reciprocal spiritual presence at every step.

This poetic visual journey invites you into a soulful way of being and moving in Divine alignment. It is an expression of a dance of life that follows the loving lead of God as All-Pervasive Energy, Inner Guide, and Eternal Friend. This harmonious partnership defines grace, embodies grace, holds grace, hears grace, and receives grace.

These five features of grace, flowing in consecutive waves through these pages, reflect God’s hand upon them. Fold open the cover with me, enter their current, and experience the sensation of this Divine touch. It carries the power to wash away the worries of the world. It possesses the potency to infuse your body, mind, and soul. It exudes the gentleness to fill you with comfort, peace, vitality, and inspiration. It radiates the warmth to wrap you in love, and it welcomes you to embrace it, for it desires to bless you with grace!

Black & White Paperback: $36

Full Color Paperback: $40

Full Color Hardcover: $50

For the original black & white limited edition, please contact

Otherwise, please select the button below to order the full color version.

Thank you!

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