Healing Dance

Healing dance unites movement, intuition, grace, and energy to bring forth healing in body, mind, soul, emotions, and relationships. It is unlimited in its applications, and ever evolving in its forms of expression. You may select from the examples below, or simply schedule a private healing dance session that becomes whatever needed for you. 

30 Minute Private Session: $50

1 Hour Private Session: $100

90 Minute Private Session: $150

Healing Dance Package: $500

Skype/Zoom Session: add 3% for online payments

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White Lotus Grace Healing Dance Practice

This energy lifting signature sequence of White Lotus Grace grounds, centers, clears, soothes, awakens, and nourishes body, mind, and soul. It stimulates the meridians, activates the chakras, warms, stretches, and tones the muscles. The healing movement releases stagnant energy and emotions, raises the vibration and consciousness, and is personally adaptable to align with your day to day intention.

Energy Healing Dance Treatment

A Healing Dance Treatment features intuitive-empathic energy healing and prayer put into motion and danced for the care of the recipient. Through that channel of movement, intuitive information is received and positive healing is transmitted to address specific concerns and/or enhance overall well being. A Healing Dance Treatment is beneficial for clearing negativity and blocks, as well as for balancing, revitalizing, and raising the vibrations of internal and external energy and consciousness. It is a conduit of grace, through which Divine reciprocation and calm, soothing, uplifting effects are felt.

Add $25 to Session Rate if you would like to receive a Video Recording

Intuitive Dance Reading

It is my pleasure to channel a Divine reading for you. By the grace of God in my heart, I receive intuitive, empathic, clairvoyant, and clairaudient messages to communicate to you. They are revealed to me most profoundly through the medium of prayerful dance. I reach out to God for guidance and gifts for you, which meditatively moves me as they are given. That movement not only gathers the information but also transmits the energy along with it. This infuses the reading with healing simultaneously.


The imagery and indications are given from the high spiritual perspective of God's vision of you - your soul, life,  situation, and purpose. You may seek this as a general reading or in response to specific questions and concerns for yourself, a loved one, a relationship, etc. The information will offer you a broad, deep, and high spiritual view to guide and encourage you. 


I offer these readings in person as well as by phone, Skype, Zoom, recorded video, and email summary. Please use the button below to schedule in advance, or call (845) 677-3517 between 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time for spontaneous remote reading requests. A full session with dance and healing combined generally takes an hour and a half, but shorter and longer readings are available as well.

Add $25 to Session Rate if you would like to receive a Video Recording

Moving Forward

Beyond Grief & Stuckness

Moving Forward is  a course of healing designed to soothe and support release of emotional pain and progress past it. Intuitively flowing through guided meditation, expressive movement, dance, and sacred sound, Moving Forward empowers revitalization, transformation, creation, and manifestation of new and brightened life. Each session is personally tailored to your individual  journey.

Pray, Dance, Love

A Meditative Movement Practice

Pray, Dance, Love nurtures wellness of body, mind, and soul. It begins with a warm-up that raises energy, releases tension from the joints and muscles, stimulates the meridians and chakras, and grounds in personal intention. Inspired by the Ignatian way, the practice then moves through five phases of opening the heart, taking stock of blessings with gratitude, reviewing the day with mindfulness, receiving divine assistance to self improve, and empowerment from All-Attractive Source to go forward. Finally, Pray, Dance, Love winds back down into the root of your intention, packing it up carefully into the heart to carry ahead in daily life. The format blends guided and individually-inspired movement, accessible to any body, and it is created with respect for each individual's full freedom to Pray, Dance, Love according to their own faith and self-expression. 

Change the Dance of Life

Transformative Movement Energy Healing

Change the Dance of Life healing utilizes the movement of physical energy to shift subtle energy and re-pattern relationship dynamics with one's own body, mind, emotions, self, God, partner, sibling, parent, child, friend, co-worker, food, environment.... The applications are vastly versatile!

It creates an excitingly mystical yet gentle transformative experience. The process begins where one is in body and emotions, revealing and reflecting the truth and patterns held therein. When that wisdom is well gathered, the movement is intuitively guided through stages of transformation to the embodiment of the desired change in life.


The special beauty of Change the Dance of Life transformative movement energy healing is that it remains owned, stored, and carried within the body and experiential reference forever thereafter.

Change the Dance of Love

Transformative Movement Relationship Healing

How does it feel to move through your relationship in each other's shoes? Change the Dance of Love offers holistic experience of interpersonal patterns and their positive redesign, intuitively guided, integrated, and supported by transformative movement. It brings couples, parent/child, siblings, friends, or other pairs the same benefits of Change the Dance of Life described above. I will happily extend this service to groups and families upon request as well.

Change the Twin Flame Dance

Transformative Movement Twin Flame Energy Healing

Change the Twin Flame Dance engages transformative movement and sacred sound energy healing to support the journey and unconditional love of a twin flame relationship, in union or separation.

Blessing Dance

A Gift of Grace for Loved Ones

A Blessing Dance channels a unique gift of Divine love and grace for any occasion, for you and your loved ones. Bless a bride, a groom, a baby, a birthday celebrant, a graduating student, a healing patient, a departed soul...as your heart desires. Blessing Dances may be offered in person or remotely, with or without recording. Guidance or Choreography to offer your own Blessing Dance for a bridal shower, wedding, etc. is also available.

Healing Dance Package

Dance along a healing journey through a variety of White Lotus Grace ways personally selected for you, creating any combination of sessions totaling 5 hours.

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