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Healing for Vaisnavas

Gentle Support on the Path of Bhakti

The traditional practices of bhakti are superbly sufficient to clear their own path. The service of White Lotus Grace simply offers supplemental support to assist you along the way. It can help you move the messages from your head to your heart, where the potency of the practices and Krishna's presence personally come alive in your palpable experience. Intuitive healing rooted in bhakti can also gently penetrate beneath the surface of the mind to reach and refresh your subconscious patterns to align more favorably with bhakti. It aids in bringing awareness and release to past or present traumas, which frees energy for firmer focus in seva and sadhana.

From easing anartha-nivritti to strengthening relationships to celebrating Divine grace and more, these contemplative assistants are available to enhance your heart's individual experiential expression in devotion in whichever way you desire.

During the session I felt very supported, validated, and understood. The session brought me hope and allowed me the opportunity to process emotions that needed to move through. Later that day I had an amazing spiritual experience in the temple, which hasn't happened in a very long time, and I've been having dreams since the session that I would call intuitive or maybe karmic. I believe these experiences are happening due to the emotional movement and healing that resulted from the session. Thank you.


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