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White Lotus Grace

White Lotus Grace welcomes you to its world where body, mind, and soul are nurtured to heal from the mud of life and rise to the full blossoming beauty of the self. Together we transform traumas and trials into heart-felt strength and growth, grounded in spiritual wisdom and gentle joyful relationship with God as you personally connect with Divinity.

Meaning & Mission

White Lotus Grace derives its name and inspiration from hymns of the Krishna Bhakti tradition in which the ever-expanding well-being of the soul is symbolized by the flowering white lotus. The eternal realm of God as the Supreme Person is also described therein as being shaped like a lotus flower. Grace is the Divine compassion which waters the heart and nourishes it to bloom from this world into that one. The ultimate aim of our service is to receive that grace and reconnect with the innate nature, home, harmony, and relationship of the soul.

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The Benefits Offered

As every seed holds a flower, every soul is a special person with a purpose. Grace brings out the unique life, love, and beauty in you like sun and rain unfold the flower. Drawing inspiration from the lotus as she journeys from the mud up and develops her individual features, White Lotus Grace services progress with you through stages to help you:

  • Discover the seeds of potential  held within you

  • Gain insight and support from above, beyond, and beneath the surface

  • Transform your trials and troubles into something beautiful within

  • Ground yourself in spiritual wisdom and serenity

  • Trust yourself and firm your core strength with faith

  • Develop beautiful qualities already inherent within you as a soul

  • Move from being in your head to living from your heart

  • Express yourself with full freedom and authenticity

  • Experience love and harmony in your relationship with God according to your own faith and spirituality

  • Heal your relationships and grow them sweeter

  • Move through life's changes and challenges with grace

  • Embrace your own gifts from God and develop confidence to fully offer them in service

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