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 White Lotus Grace offers a unique specialty of Intuitive Healing, Dance, Movement, and Meditation instruction. All sessions and courses are accessible by phone, Skype or Zoom, and rates are personalized with sensitivity to the current coronavirus crisis.


Dance Instruction

For Children, Teens & Adults

I offer personalized instruction in ballet, multicultural dance, creative movement and a medley of modalities, including elements of jazz and modern. Each lesson is tailored to your interest in technique, creativity, self-expression, fitness, etc. I joyfully combine a well-trained eye for detail and a strong feel for the subtleties of mind-body connection with an ability to communicate them with sensitivity to individual physique, strengths, personality, and learning style. Relationship is at the foundation of  instruction, creating a safe, supportive, respectful, encouraging atmosphere to grow as a dancer.

Stretch & Strengthen

Stretch & Strengthen pampers you in self care. It is a beautiful opportunity to get off your feet, center, de-stress, and release. We work with breath, intention, gentle stretches, and floor barre exercises to loosen and tone simultaneously. 

Healing Dance

The energy lifting signature sequence of White Lotus Grace grounds, centers, clears, soothes, awakens, and nourishes body, mind, and soul. It stimulates the meridians, activates the chakras, warms, stretches, and tones the muscles. The healing movement releases stagnant energy and emotions, raises vibration and consciousness, and is personally adaptable to align with your daily intention.

Energy Dance Fitness

Energy Dance Fitness offers an eclectic blend of traditional, multicultural, and creative dance styles to foster wellness of body, mind, and spirit. It begins with an energy boosting and balancing warm-up, then moves to barre exercises for deep muscle toning and strengthening. The momentum builds with your choice of jazz, world dance, or creative movement, and finishes with a gentle stretching sequence to promote flexibility and relaxation. For total well being, you may opt to add guided meditation to complement your physical fitness with inner peace.

Guided Meditation

Meditation is an art of focusing inward to receive the natural wisdom of the soul and its Higher Source. It is an art of creation as well. Meditation does not require artificial emptying of the mind; rather, by focusing on a positive path or object of contemplation, the mind naturally quiets, expanding its receptivity to peace and inner guidance. Like drinking from a pure well, it soothes and refreshes body, mind, and soul. There are many ways to meditate. At White Lotus Grace, I intuitively guide a medley of meditative ways to reach the focal point for personal relaxation and revelation.

Mantra Meditation

Sacred sounds and holy names cleanse the heart and awaken the soul. They reveal transcendental wisdom and restore our eternal relationship with our all-attractive Creator. The devotional practice of mantra chanting and meditation uproots conditioning, alleviates suffering, and inspires pure spiritual joy. It is my pleasure to share this beautiful gift through guided Mantra Meditation introduction and instruction.

Intuitive Healing

White Lotus Grace specializes in emotional, spiritual, and relationship healing. I draw upon God-given intuitive empathic gifts and a bouquet of resources which gently but powerfully support your personal transformation and healing goals.

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