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2 Hours

Available Online
  • 2 hours
  • Sliding: $200-300
  • Millbrook, NY

Service Description

A 2-Hour session is offered by phone, Zoom, or in person for Devotional Intuition & Healing Grace. You may also schedule 2 hours for other forms of healing, readings, and mentoring. (Please see Services for more information.) *Please note that readings are descriptive, not predictive. ***** Devotional Intuition & Healing Grace: This one-of-a-kind blend of beauty channeled from God for you offers a high, deep, and Divine view of you, your life, and purpose. An extraordinary intuitive reading and spiritual healing experience. ***** What To Expect in Your Deluxe Session: In a Devotional Intuition & Healing Grace session, I move and dance in a meditative trance praying for the grace God desires to give to you. Visions, messages, sensations, and healing energy are channeled through my movement as a conduit. I then describe the insights received, including imagery of the stories in your chakras and the form of transcendental healing grace conveyed to them. You may share your experience, comments, and questions as the reading unfolds or we can discuss them in the end. Many clients express that the dance itself is healing, that they feel the energy of it whether their eyes are open watching or closed, and that the entire reading and experience continues to unfold meaning and transformation in their lives for months and years to follow. If you choose a phone session, I will conduct the moving portion of it prior to calling you for the remaining 90 minutes. For a Zoom session, you have the same option or the choice to view the moving portion. What to Expect in Your Basic Session: During a 2-Hour healing or reading session, I will listen carefully to your questions or concerns, then pause a moment to pray to God in my heart and yours to reveal answers and healing for you. I will describe the visions, messages, and subtle energies God grants me the grace to see, hear, and feel in response. This may include guided movement, meditation, or energy to calm, balance, heal, and progress as needed. The inner sights, sounds, and sensations come quickly to offer Divine perspective from above, beyond and beneath the surface. As an empath, I also naturally feel what is happening in your emotional body as if it were happening in my own, which enables me to share more understanding, insight, compassion, and practical intuitive guidance. An intuitive mentoring session will begin by hearing your aim and proceed as God's grace guides.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact White Lotus Grace at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule. Cancelled sessions will be credited but not refunded.

Contact Details

  • (845) 677-3517

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