Are you ready to discover the unique life, purpose, and beauty within you?
It is already here, just waiting to unfold...
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Simple Seeds

Intuitive Readings &

Empathic Healing

Clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic intuitive insight or energy healing channeled through a conduit of God's gifts and grace.

Welcome to the world of White Lotus Grace,

where body, mind, and soul are nurtured to heal from the mud of life and rise to the full blossoming beauty of the self. Together we transform traumas and trials into heart-felt strength and growth, grounded in spiritual wisdom and gentle joyful relationship with God as you personally connect with Divinity.

Simple Seeds II

Meditation &


Guided meditation, mantra meditation, moving meditation, healing dance, ballet, stretching, or self-expressive movement instruction.

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15, 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute private sessions and packages described below are receivable by phone, virtually, or in person. Right-away readings or healing and open-ended minutely rate requests are welcome by phone between 10am-7pm EDT. Email ReadingsClasses, Intuitive Healing and Movement & Meditation Membership plans are also available.

Within every soul like every seed is the grace of God-given potential.
Explore deeper to develop yours...
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White lotus in a lake

The Lake , Light & Lotus

Devotional Intuition

& Healing Grace

Dive deeper with a deluxe reading & treatment blend of God-given vision, words, energy, and soothing protection for you. 

Devotional intuition and healing grace set the scene and create the atmosphere with a prayerfully channeled reading of Divine vision, words, and energy given by God for you. It offers perspective and insight from above, beneath, and beyond the surface, while surrounding you in soothing protection and calming encouragement. The fullest experience flowers in 2 hours and holds space to discuss any questions you may have. I invite you to experience it as a single session or a package including 4 additional sessions to unfold more insight and healing grace.

Making the Most of the Mud

Internal Transformation

& Trauma Healing

Rise from obstacles and emerge with the qualities of who and what you want to be.

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This package meets you in the mud, wherever you may feel stuck, and takes root with a 2-hour reading and treatment of clairvoyant imagery, messages, and energy revealed by God's grace. It then continues to germinate with you through 4 more private healing sessions to energetically regenerate your inner and outer self. The purifying nutrients will be intuitively selected, provided, and guided as personally appropriate for you. If suited, they may include transformative movement, dance, meditation, mantras, or other energetic ingredients to assist.

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Deepening the Roots

Spiritual Grounding

Calm from the whirlwinds of anxiety and bloom where you are planted.

Spiritual Grounding draws upon the nurturing, nourishing energy carried by Mother Earth to stabilize while rooting in wisdom of the soul and self-awareness in connection with God to heal, grow, and go deeper. The recommended package is anchored in the Divine potency of sacred sound and movement, which help move concepts and consciousness from the outer world to an inner world of spiritually grounded experience, beyond theory. The service bouquet includes a 2-hour intuitive spiritual energy reading and healing treatment at the foundation, from which 4 further sessions support establishment of individually internalized roots in the higher soul self. 

Become the full expression and offering of who you are.
Keep going to keep growing...

The Supporting Stem

Inner Trust &

Core Cultivation

Uphold yourself with faith and confidence.


From roots deeply planted in a spiritual conception,

trust in God and self grow like the stem of the lotus. Core strength is nourished through that conduit of connection with Divine grace, supporting you with a centeredness that stretches through the watery world of emotions and opens the heart with faith. This inner confidence enables you to beautifully rise above it all, wherever you stand. We cultivate this inner trust and core with loving energy and patience, inch by inch, step by step. Under the light of God-given sight intuitively received, your personal internal experience will be nurtured with a reading/healing combination and 4 follow-up sessions designed to remove obstacles of doubt and culture inner trust as an integral way of being.

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Pretty The Petals

Developing Desired Qualities

Divine vision and nurturing energy draw desired qualities within and out.

The soul is endowed with qualities which embellish the expression of its self and love of God, as the lotus is adorned with petals which form the unfoldment of its beauty. Divinity's grace decorates you with these pleasing attributes. They are already there within, but you may participate in their emergence. Whatever qualities you seek to form, reform, remove, refine, reaffirm, or reinforce, White Lotus Grace offers service to assist. Subtle spiritual resources are intuitively channeled to guide you with practical practices that help shape and shine the petals of your personality. 

Finding the Flower Core

Moving from the head to the Heart

Release your mind and experience the soul.

mud lily (2).png

The beauty of intuitive healing is that it readily and inherently penetrates past the mind into subtler layers of consciousness. Every service of White Lotus Grace thus moves to the heart from the start. But if you are specifically seeking to clear a blockage, reconnect the pathways, and reach your heart, this offering is created for you. Come to the flower core, where the life of the lotus is at its sweetest. From here, all the fragrance and sharing of love is exuded, extended, and received. Movement, meditation, and energy healing enveloped in sacred sound are especially helpful and will be intuitively drawn upon as Divinely guided for you.

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Nurturing the Bud & Blossom

Authenticity &


Encourage your real nature to emerge.

"Here I am!" claims the lotus bud rising from the mud and water toward the sky. She neither hides nor pretends. Each flower is unique in its size, shape, and hue. Though there may be similarity from petal to petal and lotus to lotus, no two are precisely the same, and every one blossoms her beauty without shame. We, too, are uniquely individual souls with essential traits of self unlike any other. White Lotus Grace creates an atmosphere of nurturance to be you. The assortment of support intuitively channeled for you assists to gently remove coverings and encourage your authentic nature to emerge. A medley of modalities offers further fortification for your full unfurling of self-expression. 

The Lotus & Her Lord

Embracing Grace

& Embodying Devotion

Align yourself in union and harmony with Divinity.

swan are swimming in the water,sun light reflect like that sunset with lotus ,lily flower.

The lotus ever faces and sways toward the sun, opening to his warmth and light. From sunrise to sunset, they move in duet, like the soul receiving and reciprocating with Divinity. When your heart blooms open to God, a dance of love and alignment begins. Rays of grace caress you on all sides, gently guiding and inviting you to affectionately release into them. Your inner radiance shines back a gift of trust, beauty, and gratitude. Your life becomes love, an embodiment of devotion. This is a culmination of grace and the ultimate goal of cultivation at White Lotus Grace. Augmenting your faith and spiritual practices, this service steps into the subtlety of your experience to help sense grace and imbibe it deeply with devotion in your heart's way. 

The blossomed heart is just the start, for the soul excursions in eternity.
Continue the adventure in love and life's never-ending new beginnings......
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Harmony & Pollination

Relationship Healing & Sweetening

Enjoy peace with

your partner, friends,

or loved ones.

Relationships fill the ecosystem in which the lotus lives. As she sways and displays her beauty beneath the sun, a lotus leaf stands by her side. Bees hover on her pollen-laden stamens and carry what they gather from her to others nearby. The lotus lives in harmony with nature. Some species share it with her peacefully; some feed on her roots and threaten her survival. We have our own relationships with those in our environment - some which support our growth, and some which challenge us to the core. Some are even in need of and/or receptive to what God has given us to share. White Lotus Grace channels devotional clairvoyant insight, clairaudient guidance, and empathic healing energy to help harmonize, fortify, and sweeten your relationships. 

The Perennial Cycle & Seasons

Graceful Transitions

Seasonal healing and energetic gentling for life's large changes.

Beautiful pink lotus leaves with green leaves and lotus seeds in summer at the Summer Pala

From seed, sprout, to flower, the lotus transitions. Through ages and stages, so do we. Between mud to lotus and birth to death, days pass into nights, nights return to days, and seasons shift from one to another. Relationships, careers, homes, consciousness...any, all, or more may carry us to thresholds of transitions. Life moves through a sequence of them, from the moment the soul enters until the moment it leaves. Seasonal changes - both literal and metaphorical - can bring uneasy feelings. But grace can smooth the way. I like to use simple organic movement to ease the transition. It helps gentle the process energetically, and offers a frame of reference to connect with at the cellular level. God-given clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic intuition simultaneously softens the shift with understanding and guidance as you move forward.