Defining Grace; Imbibing Grace

April 8, 2015


Multiple strands define grace. Grace is simple elegance or refinement of movement. Grace is the unsought favor of Divinity. And grace is the act of honoring someone or something with one's presence.


There is an art to weaving these three strands into one beautiful way of being. It is the art of living in harmony with oneself, one's Source, and others. It is the grace of moving through life in divine alignment.



This is how the word grace sings to my soul, calling me to live and be and dance from the inside out. When I choose to honor the presence of God in my heart by being fully present myself, allowing my awareness to receive inner guidance as well as the messages delivered in daily experiences - through the environment, events, encounters, etc. - then every move I make, every choice or step of action I take, will be in integrity, harmoniously aligned with divine will and purpose.


For me, that is the ultimate experience of grace. I feel it like a waterfall, descending with fresh, pure energy and immersing me in her soothing vitalizing flow. It brings tranquility, calming my heart, mind, and senses, as it simultaneously invigorates them all with inspiration.


Dance is a golden chalice in which to catch and taste this sweet grace pouring forth. We can be present with gratitude and the sensations that fill us at every moment. We can allow our bodies to move in response and authentic expression of the soul. We can flow as we are stimulated to by Higher Power. And as we do, we manifest true gracefulness - the simple elegance of movement refined by the gracious touch of Divine Hands.


That is a dance of life full of grace!







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