Embodying a Graceful Dance of Life

Have you ever watched a lotus flower from morning until night? It is like the most graceful pas de deux between an exceptionally delicate dancer and her powerful hero. When the curtain of dawn opens on nature's stage of life, the lotus flower is seen embracing her own petals in budded form. With the appearance of her brilliant star-mate, she slowly begins to release her protective hold and unfold. Wherever the sun is in his position, the tender lotus faces him. In the morning, her petals tilt toward the East, greeting her lord. She keeps her gaze fixed on the sun as he glides across the sky, the angle of her blossom ever-shifting to follow him. In rhythm with the sun's lead, the stem of the sweet lotus leans and curves toward him. Ever so gradually, she moves each petal in response to his shining rays, displaying countless variations of formation throughout the duration of the day's dance. When the sun is directly above, her bloom reaches out to its fullest, revealing her inner beauty to him in full trust and reliance. And as he travels westward, so does her blossom sway that way. In precise synchronicity with the sun's descent into his bow, the lotus again raises her petals. Upon completion of the dance at dusk, when the curtain closes on her vision of the sun, the lotus poses still in her bud once more, resting through the night until her partner returns to waltz with her anew at morning light.

So beautifully do the sun and the lotus flower exemplify harmonious rhythm of partnership in life's dance!

They are my teachers. I look to the lotus to show me the way to keep my eye on God - the light of my life, my Source of power, my protector, my leader, my object of affection, who gives me my very source of sustenance. I take lessons from the example of the lotus to open my heart in trust to God, follow divine lead, and align myself in harmony with it. I note too the wisdom of her example to stand still in the darkness, patiently waiting for divine right time and illumination to move. I pray to embody the spirit of her graceful dance in faithful partnership with the Divine Hero.

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