Grace Filled Hands - Hold On & Let Go

"Multiple strands define grace. Grace is simple elegance or refinement of movement. Grace is the unsought favor of Divinity. And grace is the act of honoring someone or something with one's presence. There is an art to weaving these three strands into one beautiful way of being."

When I envision these three strands of grace weaving together, an image of a rope forms in my mind. Unlike an ordinary rope, the rope of grace dons a mystical twist. It is a life-line of being, bearing inexhaustible strength to uplift and pull one forward through all experiences. There is an art of the soul in reaching for this beautiful rope of grace. It calls for inner wisdom to hold it in the heart, not in the hands. Grabbing on to the rope of grace is the same as letting go and trusting it is the one wrapped around and doing the holding. When the heart is holding grace, there are no clenched fists. The urge to tightly grip is released. The hands are gentle, holding unlimited space for them to become full of gifts.

Dance offers an invitation to touch this sensation. The hands are graceful when they are open to receive. They reach out with infused awareness to feel the energy flowing all around, to them and through them. Like antennas, the fingertips pick up the frequency of grace, which courses through the conduit of the arms into the storehouse of the heart. As it wends its way from the outside inward, so does it also transmit from the inside outward. One thing I especially love about dancing is the feeling of the movement being generated from the heart. The spirit emanates from that center, radiates across the chest, down the arms, to the fingertips, and out into the world.

If the heart is touching grace, the hands will softly open to whatever is divinely given and divinely taken, receiving through them and circulating out from them. In this way, grace waves dance in continuous spiritual circuitry, and we are invited to dance with them!

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