Mysteriously Moving

Dance has long shown me it parallels life.

I've always taken to choreography easily. Sequences of steps simply imprint in my mind's eye and muscle memory. That has given me comfort performing; I'm fairly free of anxiety on a stage when I know what the steps are and am well prepared for them. To be viewed in my process of spontaneous creation, however, is an entirely different experience for me. Until recently, I avoided being seen dancing in circumstances when I didn't know what I was going to do and what would be coming next.

Like a mirror, dancing reflects my relative comfort and discomfort with the known and the unknown.

When the sequence of life's steps are laid out before me, I feel calm and secure. Not knowing has bore me a history of rattled nerves. Yet as I've grown into confidence letting others see me in the raw moment of my uncharted dance, I've simultaneously been discovering peace living in the moment without knowing what comes next. I am put to ease seeing that if I simply look, listen, feel, and trust, the next step will open to me when it is time. This new dance of life I'm learning is increasingly joyful! It is in moving forward step by step in the incessantly unfolding mystery that I find grace touching me and leading me.

In what ways do you enjoy waltzing with the wonderous unknown?

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