When The Dance Stands Still

Standing still. Any dancer knows how much consciousness and energy are engaged simply to stand with grace, poise, and alignment. Awareness is simultaneously spread throughout multi-features of the body, directing weight to be evenly distributed across the feet in both heels and all ten toes, with a strong and stable core, no slumping, chin lifted... Only from there is the dancer best prepared to move. Within that preliminary position, strength, balance, and composure are drawn to empower and support the subsequent step.

Sometimes we too seem to be standing still in the dance of life. Certainly that is where I am right now - standing, still, gathering. There is a story building within me. It is the story of my spirit, and the spirit of my purpose. When the time is right, it will move me again, from the inside out.

A dancer is never stagnant, even when standing still. In the motionless moments of life, we are invited to engage our consciousness and energy to stand in grace, poise, and divine alignment. In that stillness, rests opportunity to foster awareness of our footing, to strengthen our core values, to stabilize our self-regard, straighten misconceptions, and raise our outlook. In these calm, holding times, we are being filled with what we need, preparing us to go forward with new force and elegance.

I dance to heal. When that dance stands still, it is to refresh my gratitude for that gift I have been given and my sense of purpose to share it. As I stand here, as if immersed in a reservoir washing away distractions and revitilizing my cognizance of who I am and what I am meant for, I am absorbing, feeling my heart fill and my faith swell. When my consciousness is saturated with clarity of the healing energy within me, I am confident it will flow forth and the dance will resume. I invite you to join me.

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