Thanksgiving Gracegiving

Sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with family last night, my brother said, "I'm going to say grace.... Grace." It was a humorous moment, but not an irreverent one. We all sat in pause and joy, as the word resonated quietly, speaking volumes of meaning.

Grace is one of my favorite words, embodying its very import. In its utterance, I feel the presence of our All-Loving Source. Grace carries the vibration of that Great Spirit's benevolent energy, as it flows through and around us on all sides. It's like a password that instantly opens heightened awareness of the spiritual frequency waves surrounding me. Those grace waves are palpable in the atmosphere, as if caressing my skin and soul. They're right there; it's up to me - as it is to each of us - to reach out and touch them. It never ceases to enthuse me that gracefulness is so appropriately attributed to dance, for such movement offers a clear conduit of transcendent energy. I hear the call, "Come dance with me!" Do you hear it calling you too?

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