Enter a Spiritual Embassy!

Spiritual Embassy! This is what I've been thinking about.

When we enter the embassy of another country - even if it is in the midst of Manhattan - we are no longer under the jurisdiction of the United States. As long as we are inside that embassy, we are on the soil of that nation, where its laws and principles apply.

Similarly, even if we are in the midst of this chaotic world, we can enter a spiritual embassy and transcend the jurisdiction of the laws of material nature. Now more than ever, we are feeling the need for such a place of refuge.

We can create it, and step right into it. This is my meditation now as I chant sacred sounds and practice healing dance. They are both very powerful means of surrounding oneself and others with the protection and pleasure of spiritual energy.

With every service and class I offer, I'm aspiring to create an experience of that peace and shelter of a spiritual embassy for you. Please feel welcome.

Like the soft radiant petals of a white lotus, may the tender fortress of divine grace envelope you.

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