Building a Sacred Nest

Our nest is our resting place. It is a symbol of hope and home. Coming in to land from the outside world, we receive love, warmth, and shelter here. Situated in the tree of life, it connects both to our roots and the heights which we are called to fly. What makes it sacred? The dictionary defines sacred as being connected with God. That space in which I return to myself in relationship with my Source and Supreme Beloved is indeed a sacred nest to me. It is where I can rest in faith that I am protected. It is where my dreams, hopes, and new beginnings take birth. I sit here with them as they grow inside of me. Under the wings of Divine Love, I am raised and nourished in this sacred nest....shown my way to the spiritual sky, and welcomed home again by my Holy Mother and Heavenly Father. I've been meditating a lot this week on building a sacred nest. It is the spirit of my creation in White Lotus Grace. I want this site and sanctuary to be a landing place in the comfort of grace. A shelter from the onslaught of the world, where we can come for restoration and reconnection with our inner self and Creator. From that contemplation, I'm appreciating how healing dance beautifully builds a sacred nest within the tree of the body. Time and again, I experience it bring me and others back to ourselves and our individual relationships with God, whether seen as Universal Energy, Holy Spirit, or Supreme Person. The movement mated with intention gathers the hope in our hearts and the love in the atmosphere, weaving them into a place where our minds can rest and our souls can replenish. As our feet touch the earth and our hands reach for the sky, we embody who we are and who we are created to be. We are home and we are soaring, alive with spirit and grace.

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