Collecting Grace

A multitude of birds in various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns are gracing my home with their presence. I watch them fly in and out of the feeder, from tree to tree, down to grass, and up to sky. Just now I beheld the sweetness of a robin hopping through my garden, collecting dried straws and twigs between her beak. It was an up close, intimate, and extended view I was granted. I could feel her intention and focus, visible in her eyes. Her very being exuded a mission of love. She simply moved with ease and continuity over, around, and between whatever presented before her. I stood still in gratitude, observing robin's demonstration. God as director of the soul within and the universe all around moved us so our paths would cross. Robin appeared as a gift, a teacher, an exemplar, an answer to my question and prayers. Embodied before me was the way of collecting grace - patiently, humbly, with trust, confidence, determination, perseverance, and love. Little by little, grass by grass, she gathered the makings of her nest. Little by little, grace by grace, I too may gather the makings of a sacred nest. This is where the building begins. Ah, no, in fact the inspiration comes first. Spirit prompts us all, including our feathered friends, with purpose. I'm called to creation of sanctuary, and the process of formation is in receiving the blessings, piece by piece, straw by straw. Patiently, as God gives.

How synchronistic that a robin - perhaps the same one - was present in the window of our sanctuary studio, building her nest there, as we did the same together in our class last night. The power of the body, mind, and soul in motion never ceases to amaze me. Even the gentlest of movement with intention can collect grace and construct monumental works of art and shelter. Dancing together here at White Lotus Grace, we are frequently awed to witness creation of entirely new worlds. The healing dance opens a portal through which we travel to the spiritual world, receive Divine "materials", and import them back here with us to build a replica of Heaven on Earth. This is grace!

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