Tuning In to the Frequency of Grace

Standing on my deck in the early morning rising sunshine, listening to the birds sing, the waterfall, and the stream flow, I look out over the blooming lilacs and apple trees, breathing in life with gratitude. My bare feet sense not only the wood beneath them, but a presence that roots, grounds, and connects me. I'm poised in a stance to receive, and I begin to chant... Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare I chant with feeling from my heart, drawn into awareness of God's presence there. I call out and into that relationship. I feel welcome and embraced. Most importantly, I listen, and I hear the sound - Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna - pouring into my ears. I feel it resonate in my heart, cleansing and filling me. My entire being is massaged with the transcendent tranquility of this soothing sacred sound.

Suddenly, I'm awed and thrilled by the vibration in the atmosphere. This chanting has pierced through the superficial covering layer of matter, opened a portal, and penetrated into the spiritual dimension. Though my feet are standing on a wooden deck of a house on Earth, my consciousness feels itself touching the spiritual world, being touched by it. This is the frequency of grace! This is the sound and quality that fills the air and ether of God's kingdom. Hearing and chanting His Holy Name - any one of His names in any language - readily transports us souls to that ever present realm and imports that true topmost Heaven to Earth.

Tuning in to the frequency of grace is as simple as forming the sound of God's name with the lips and tongue, offering the voice to it, and carefully listening. Grace waves are in the atmosphere. The currency of God, His home, and all who live with Him run throughout. The sacred sound of Spirit turns the dial of awareness to their channel. Our mouths and ears are God's gift of instruments to receive them.

Krishna is the Sanskrit equivalent of Cristos in Greek. Christ, the Anointed One; Krishna, the All-Attractive One. They are - He is - One and the same. Hare calls to His Divine Feminine devotional energy, and Rama glorifies God as the reservoir of all pleasure. Together these names form the mantra I'm chanting, which sings to Grace and Her Lord to please engage me in loving service for Their pleasure.

My heart and body are moved as I chant, compelled as a receptacle to catch this grace. I pray for it to flow through me as a conduit, and to be immersed in it. But even if I crack, forget, and fall into the illusion that it has slipped away, in faith I know it is always here to return to - to chant, dance, and be happy!

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