Grace Is Simple

Grace is simple. As I sat and prayed and chanted this morning, it took a little while for my mind to settle and come in for a landing. It circled around mechanically, mouthing the sound while still spinning with questions and contemplations how to serve. Sound by sound, it gradually calmed into the presence of God within my heart. Ah, relief! Peace! I was reminded of this definition of faith eloquently expressed by a 17th century saint:

"Faith is the confidence that by this one thing alone,

all other things are accomplished."

The one thing he was referring to was the Holy Name. "In Jesus' name we pray. Amen." Amen declares "And so it is!" Just by the strength of the name! "Hallowed be Thy name." So as I prayed and chanted, and softened into the comfort of God's presence in sound, I felt complexity simplified. Ah, just this one thing!

My faith is tingling... If I just listen to this one thing, the name of this one Power and Person, the way forward will open with ease. That lead of God is grace. That grace is like a river, flowing from God's will and compassion. One thing - the current of God's will and grace - will carry me gently. It will move me, one step at a time.

Grace is simple. Simply surrender to it. Let me let go and go with God. Go with grace. By this one choice, everything else is accomplished. Amen!

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