Grace In Action

May 15, 2018

I don't find as much glory in trying to overcome limitations as I do in gracefully moving with them. I respect this may not be true of others empowered by God with a more chivalrous nature. But for some, like me, what can appear as limitations may in fact be a Divine steering mechanism. Energy flows or sticks to navigate the way. I go where it goes, and not against it. I'm aware that resisting is the action of false ego trying to supersede Higher will and design. When I humbly submit to moving easefully in harmony with the Universal and Supreme Personal current, I experience grace in action. That grace then carries me beyond limits, gently expanding my capacity and world, without separate strenuous endeavor. What a beautiful twist! Accepting and going gracefully with so-called limitations instead of trying to overcome them, overcomes them. Such is the glory of Divine Grace!




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