Surrendering the Center

Feeling into the friendship of God in my heart, I relax. My first inclination is to seek solace and support so needed. Within a moment's breath of it though, I'm called to consider this friendship more deeply. Am I praying as if God is orbiting around me, to serve my existence? How can I be a friend to God too? Let me step out of the center and serve the existence of my Dear Divine Friend there instead. Let me move around the Supreme Sentient Being's Divine will and pleasure. My intention is set. Now I look forward to bringing it with me into practice, to embody the balance of reciprocation in Eternal Best Friendship. This may be the most sacred healing dance path I ever embark upon!

I invite you to join me and share your experience.

A 10 minute movement practice of Surrendering the Center can be experienced in the White Lotus Grace Online Studio.

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