An Endless Well of Grace

Grace never stops. There is no end to it. No bottom. No limits. As the Source of grace is eternal and unfathomable, so is the flow of its favor. Every expression of God, Spirit, Creator is infused with love and benevolence. Thus creation itself, including our very existence, is an endless well of grace.

Grace is all around, all the time, but am I always mindful of her presence? Undoubtedly there are moments - many clusters of them at times - when I seem blind and numb to the Divine substance that surrounds me. It is not exactly that I forget it's there; I just feel lost from the ability to see and feel sometimes. How can I get back? I was recently reminded how abundantly grace poured herself into the pages of the book I compiled last year. I never felt I wrote the book; rather I took dictation as the message of grace streamed to and through me. All that beautiful sweet energy of grace is still held within the reservoir of those pages, and I am refreshing my spirit simply by revisiting them. I am reminded to draw from the endless well of grace through mindfulness of her presence, and to drink of her spiritual substance from the cup of gratitude. As I re-read and re-immerse myself in the message, the current of grace carries me deeper into her flow. It is time to learn more from what grace has to teach. This is not a time for in one ear and out the other. This is the time for absorbing grace into the heart, the body, the mind, the soul, and moving with it. So I have begun to follow the natural course of grace, and I invite you to learn, flow, follow, grow, and go with grace along with me.

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