White Lotus Grace offers you an assortment of one-of-a-kind healing services. I specialize in emotional, spiritual, and relationship healing, and support physical healing as well. My unique intuitive modality is gentle, personal, and powerfully transformative. For self care, personal development, love, anxiety, depression, pain, stress, trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, negative body image, low self-esteem, and more, the experience and efficacy of this empathic energy healing are full of joy, grace, and miracles. See a healing selection



At White Lotus Grace, dancing is life. It is the heartbeat of the soul. It yields the power of joy and transformation, self expression, creativity, and style. I nurture it through healing dance, ballet, multi cultural dance, stretching, dance fitness, and more. Private instruction, coaching, and classes are available for children, teens, and adults of all levels of experience and ability. Explore dance



Devotion is the root and the whorl of White Lotus Grace. It waters the heart, the soul, and every service offered and received in its sanctuary. Bhakti is the Sanskrit word for this art and science of spiritual love and dedication. Combined with the word yoga, which means to link, bhakti embodies the yoga of the heart, linking it in love and devotion of the eternal self in relationship with God. Discover devotional courses



Inner peace and devotion are within breath's reach at White Lotus Grace. Whether guided, moving, or mantra-filled, every private and group meditation session dives deep into the heart to bring clarity and tranquility to the surface. It invites you to step out of stress and into the ever present calm of the soul in relationship with the Supreme Soul. Find your meditation



I offer intuitive readings that gently nurture the heart, mind, soul, and vision with God given imagery, messages, and healing energy, channeled through prayer, meditation, and dance. This clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic information is quickly received and delivered from a spiritual perspective above, beyond, and beneath the surface, revealing underlying energy and overarching grace to encourage and light your way. These readings are more descriptive than predictive. Read more