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White Lotus Grace

Heal, Transform, Blossom


Who I Am and What I Do

Spiritual Healer/ Intuitive Empath

Hi. I'm Gigi, also known as Giri Govardhana dasi in the Bhakti lineage in which I am initiated. By God's grace, I have been gifted with natural intuitive empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and healing gifts. I have also received over 35 years of training, practical immersion, and teaching experience in dance, meditation, and devotional spirituality.

Drawing from these gifts and bodies of wisdom I have assimilated, I offer gentle but powerful spiritually nurturing support to help you heal, transform, and blossom your highest self from within. In a session together, we identify your questions, needs, and goals. Then through prayer to God in my heart and yours, I quickly receive and communicate imagery, messages, energy and practices to illumine answers, promote well-being, and intuitively guide your progressive transformation and healing, step by step.

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