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Moving-by-faith.com is a new site from White Lotus Grace. It is home to my upcoming online book which is also titled Moving by Faith, A Course of Embodying Inner Trust. The website currently features the Introduction of the book and course, as well as a blog on the same subject. Every article and segment of the 30-day course will include a movement and/or meditation practice to integrate the inspiration of faith and trust. I invite you to browse through the site, subscribe, share, and stay tuned for previews, podcasts, videos and more to come. Thank you!

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Transition Gracefully

Seasonal Healing Dance Package

There is a season for all things. Transitions between them can range from exciting to unsettling. No matter what the nature of the change or its effects, there is opportunity to move through them with grace. This special healing package offers support for body, mind, and soul in changing times and seasons. It includes:

1 Intuitive Dance Reading &

Energy Healing Treatment

1 Class of Your Choice

1 Private Session


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