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Welcome to 

White Lotus Grace

Pray, Dance, Heal

Experience the inner world where the heart and soul hear, heal, and blossom,

as the body and mind move and dance to the call, caress, and compassion of God and His grace.


My name is Gigi.

My goal is to facilitate connection with grace so that you can experience the inherent joy of your complete self in relationship with God. The prayerful intuitive healing modality, movement, and sacred dance that I gently guide are nonsectarian, interfaith-friendly, and accessible for all. If you would like to heal, clear your path, revive your real self, express your uniquely individual devotion, and move closer to God, I am here to support you, one personal faithful, graceful step at a time.



What Can White Lotus Grace Help You With?

Trauma & Stress

White Lotus Grace sacred dance and movement facilitate healing that releases stored trauma, reduces stress levels, and provides tools for coping with and overcoming traumatic experiences, 

Emotional Imbalances

The prayerful movement/dance I share assists in the regulation of emotions, fostering emotional resilience, and supporting the understanding and management of difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, or anger.

Self-Doubt, Inner Trust & Faith

White Lotus Grace specializes in supporting you to heal self-doubt, embody inner trust, and move by faith in divine alignment with God, His grace, and His gentle loving personal guidance.

Devotional Growth

I guide you through movement and dance that supports you to connect with your inner self, sense of purpose, and devotion to experience more union and fulfillment in your personal relationship with God.

Religious Guilt & Shame

White Lotus Grace applies gentleness and understanding, free from judgment, with movement and dance that steps out of shame and into self-acceptance, honest progress, and God's graceful compassion.


White Lotus Grace helps you change the dance of love by revealing relationship dynamics and repatterning them to move with more love, trust, understanding, and intimacy, supported with divine grace.

And More...

I just want to thank you, Gigi, for leading me towards healing and the love of God in new ways. What you do is so lovely. It was so nice to experience what I did through movement.


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Private sessions, classes, and workshops are available online or in person.

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