Spiritual Healing Dance

New Year's Grace

Intuitive Dance Reading/Healing Special

An Intuitive Dance Reading is a gently powerful gift of self care to nurture perspective and positivity above, beyond, and beneath the surface. When I prayerfully dance to receive divine grace and insight for you, I'm given beautiful images, messages, empathic sense and healing energy to convey to you. As if seeing yourself through God/Spirit's eyes, not your own, they reveal important, empowering, inspiring truths about your self, strengths, circumstances, purpose, path....as well as what will benefit you to release and grow. The spiritual healing support to do so is simultaneously channeled through the intuitive dance. What a wonderful way to start the New Year, with such vision and grace! To share it with you, I'm offering 20% off of a 45, 60, or 90 minute Intuitive Dance Reading/Healing Combination for a clear and bright beginning of 2020. The offer is available for readings in person, by phone, Skype, Zoom, or recorded video until 2/1/20.

$60/45 minutes; $80/Hour; $120/90 minutes

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Transition Gracefully

Seasonal Healing Dance Package

There is a season for all things. Transitions between them can range from exciting to unsettling. No matter what the nature of the change or its effects, there is opportunity to move through them with grace. This special healing package offers support for body, mind, and soul in changing times and seasons. It includes:

1 Intuitive Dance Reading &

Energy Healing Treatment

1 Class of Your Choice

1 Private Session


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