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White Lotus Grace & White Lotus Ballet invite you

to move beyond the ordinary and encounter the extraordinary. Whether you're seeking healing or dance,

a unique experience awaits you.

* Release Trauma * Calm Anxiety Move through Grief, Depression & Difficulties * Balance Emotions & Chakras

* Move from the Head to the Heart * Open the Heart * Overcome Self-Doubt, Low Self-Esteem & Insecurity * Embody Inner Trust 

* Harmonize Relationships * Grow Closer to God * Internalize Devotion * Develop Spiritually

* Encourage Self-Confidence * Nurture Creativity * Support Self-Expression 

Intuitive Healer/ Dance Teacher/ Empath/ Psychic Reader


My name is Gigi (aka Giri Govardhana dasi).

I'm a gentle, empathic, compassionate soul who has been graced with intuitive healing gifts and 35+ years of experience in Bhakti-yoga, meditation, and dance.  I weave what I receive together in one-of-a-kind ways that God inspires in my heart just for you. If you're looking for insight and support beyond the surface, or for personal dance lessons for you or your child, I would love to work with you. Read more or call now to discuss how I may serve you.

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White Lotus Grace

Heal, Transform, Blossom

Heal your emotions and grow your devotion. Bhakti healing arts unite time-proven spiritual wisdom and practices with God-given psychic sensitivity and energy to gently reach beneath the surface, shift patterns embedded in the subtle body, and raise your highest spirit. Intuitive Healing, Readings, Meditation, Bhakti...

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White Lotus Ballet

Moving Beyond

Experience the gentle joy and power of movement and dance. White Lotus Ballet's specialized lessons nurture skill, style, and self-expression. Confidence grows, creativity unfolds, and inner beauty blossoms with every step. Ballet, Fusion, Healing Dance, Stretching...

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Experiential Healing Workshops

Healing Self-Doubt

for God-conscious women

Overcome self-doubt

and develop inner trust.

Starts on June 4

Embody Inner Trust (1).png

Embody Inner Trust

for women of any faith

Grow God-conscious


June 6

healing dance.webp

Heal Your Emotions

with Movement

Move through your feelings

June 13

"To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love,
I give the knowledge by which they can come to Me. "

Bhagavad-Gita 10.10

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