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"Working with Gigi during a challenging time in my life was an amazing experience. Her empathy, her nurturing quality made my experience truly lovely. She finds inspiration for therapeutic movement work by what the student's needs are. After my classes with Gigi, I feel spiritually rejuvenated."


"The event I attended last year when Gigi was here was so much more fun and liberating than I expected. She is talented, kind, and humble, and really set the mood to dance without inhibition or judgement from herself, myself, and the other participants. It was a great bonding experience with the other ladies as well. I was very joyful afterwards."

Radhika Rani

"Gigi is an incredibly gifted movement teacher. I have been going to a class once a week for over a year now. Every class is an imaginative journey, together creating, with Gigi's guidance, a transcendent energy that carries me through the day and enhances my goals for the week, etc. I can bring anything into that class that I want to move, and we move it, and I grow. She's spiritually gifted and deeply grounded at the same time. At least one of Gigi's classes a week is a must for mental and physical healing and well-being."


"This was my first Healing, Dance & Meditation workshop and it was lovely! I can't wait to attend another session with Gigi. She is patient and sweet. I felt comfortable opening up to her and allowing her to guide me in my healing journey. The healing dance was gentle and much needed. Her guided meditation was superb! Was really able to get in the zone. Thank you for offering this workshop to us!"


"I enjoyed participating in this very personal and experiential workshop. Gigi took everyone's point of view and led us with compassion and caring through the topic."


"For me, overcoming self-doubt has always been a challenge for me that requires unpacking many layers of programming that have been indoctrinated into me from a young age. Gigi created a safe and nurturing space to unpack these layers and start the healing process."


"I have been working with Gigi doing "online" healing dance. I consider her my dancing guru. I believe that when we have experienced a state of stress or drama we can often hold that stress or drama in our bodies. Gigi has a wonderful way of teaching us to move our bodies so that we can release any unstuck patterns in our life.

As I have been working with Gigi I have been able to forgive some significant traumatic events that took place in my childhood and younger years. Grace is a perfect name for her business because the more I work with Gigi the more I can move gracefully through life. Not only when I am dancing, but in my interactions with others as well.

Relationships have opened to me on a whole new level, I see significant positive changes in my business, and even my home is filled with more peace and love. Dance is one of the several tools I have implemented in my own life. However, many of these changes started with the dance.

I also want to point out that before meeting Gigi I was not a dancer. Even when I started my body moved in a very rigid way, but the more I practice dancing with Gigi and on my own, the more I have loosened in many other areas of my life.

I am confident that ANYONE can do this. When I started, I was significantly overweight, and some of the dance moves were a little challenging at first. Gigi can provide a routine that fit my situation. I do not know what the next step is, but I do know that it will be good. I also know that I will continue to dance. On my own, and with my beautiful dancing guru."


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