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"By this one thing, all other things are accomplished."

A few years ago, a friend forwarded me a message that read: “God has a perfect plan for us. He never does it all at once, just step by step, because He wants us to learn to walk by faith, not by sight.” It touched me where I was in my life in the moment, and instantly inspired me to embrace that learning process through movement. My experiences as both a dancer and devotee of God, the Divine, have proven themselves integrally related. I’ve found the power of movement to be a significant spiritual access point through which extraordinary grace, miracles, and transformation flow. If I can feel what it feels like to be and move in my body in a specific mood, intention, or way, I can transfer that to how I traverse the path of life. I can bring that sense of knowing from the cellular level into my consciousness. That innate ability is within all of us. By learning to literally walk and move by faith, we can simultaneously learn to think, feel, and breathe by it as well.

Moving by faith, not by sight, doesn’t necessitate being blind. In fact, it heightens awareness. Most importantly, it awakens, deepens, and firms trust. This is not the faith of belief, theory, or doctrine. It is the conviction that by this one thing alone, all other things can be accomplished. That is how the Sanskrit word for faith – sraddha - is defined. It is the same essence held within the quality of faith the size of a mustard seed which Jesus said carries the power to move mountains. It is heart-felt trust and conviction in God as one so powerful that you and I feel safe to let go, to not know, to simply move ahead step by step as we are guided.

The moments in life when I have touched and embraced that faith – moving, dancing, living, breathing, and being with it – I have experienced immense freedom and joy. More than anything, I have felt the fulfillment of my entire being, my sense of purpose. I am enthusiastic to share the gift of that experience with you now, step by step, day by day, in a book, course, class, or session of moving by faith, embodying inner trust.

What does it feel like for you to live and move by faith?

This gentle course invites you to personally experience your own internalization of soul-deep security as a way of being. It intuitively guides you through a 4-Week spiritual journey of progressive daily steps inward and forward toward firmer faith, self-confidence, and harmony with God's grace, guidance, and Divine flow.

Each day's entry offers:

  • Poetic perspective and God-given inspiration for the next move forward in faith

  • An invitation to move each message and step from head to heart with a simple meditative, movement, or spiritual practice 

  • Respect for your individual faith and adaptability to your personal relationship with God

Perfect Bound: $14.99

Spiral Bound: $15.99

eBook: $8.99


While reading Moving by Faith, I gratefully received the author’s simple and beautifully expressed sharing of her personal journey. 

Gigi Oppenheimer also assured her readers of her respect for their own way of connecting with Divinity, and respect for all religions. 

As a gentle guide, she helped me find my own ‘knowns’ and my own pace of movement to trust.

Nancy S.

Private Session

Trust in God & Yourself Grow Together

In this session, I will intuitively channel God-given insight about what you need to overcome doubt and move by faith at your current step, and then empathically guide you through the contemplative practice indicated. This may include gentle movement and/or meditation to internalize and integrate your faith and trust in your own uniquely personal embodied way. 

Private Course

Intuitively Guided & Personally Paced

The course of moving by faith in life is a personal one. There are as many ways as there are individuals, moments, and experiences. Day by day, step by step, we will explore what it actually feels like to embody and move by faith for you now.  By framing movement or other practices with intention, we will journey into the core of the heart, the seat of the soul, and "dance" to the sound of God guiding from within. I will support you to strengthen footing on a foundation of trust and build upon it until moving by faith through life becomes a daily practice, a habit, an integral way of being. The content will be personalized for you at each step and circumstance of your life by intuitively receiving guidance for you and adapting the contemplative practices as relevant and appropriate to your comfort and devotion.

Virtual Course

January 15 - February 12: $309

You are invited to embody moving by faith in a small safe remote group setting. This version of the course includes one weekly Zoom session on Sundays from 11:30am to 12:30pm EST. Written passages and recorded practices will be emailed to you daily for step-by-step progress in between.

Online Program

Self-Paced Course

This program is currently under development on this site. It will offer you the opportunity to experience a gentle course of embodying inner trust in your own time and space. The 28-part program offers a daily written and recorded message on moving by faith along with audio guided practices to internalize each step and concept. It is supported with scriptural inspiration from the Bible, Bhagavad-Gita, Quran and complementary texts. Questions for your introspective contemplation complete each section and integration.

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