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Moving in Divine Alignment

Grace explores the beautiful domain where the favor of God and movement meet to honor reciprocal presence together at every step. It invites you into a soulful way of being and moving through life in divine alignment. This harmonious partnership - following God's loving lead - reveals grace, embodies grace, holds grace, hears grace, and receives grace.  I offer a small group workshop and a personalized 1:1 course to enter deeper into the sweet flow of grace and experience God's gentle embrace.

Embody Grace


Embrace grace with body, mind, heart, and soul. This 5-part workshop facilitates an inward journey of meeting grace, embodying grace, holding grace, hearing grace, and receiving grace. Interactive discussion and guided prayerful movement and/or dance experiences will support you to live, love, and move wholly in divine alignment and relationship with God. Online or in person, this workshop includes:

  • movement and discussion

  • 5 members at most

  • A book on Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment

July 20, 2:00 - 5:00 pm, Millbrook, NY

July 27: 2:00 - 5;00 pm EST Online

$80 in person / $85 online

1:1 Course

Learn and deepen how you personally embrace and embody grace with your entire being. God's hand reaches out to touch and lead you with five features of His grace in this special personalized inwardly immersive journey. This package includes:

  • 5 private 1-hour sessions (online or in person)

  • movement and discussion

  • A book on Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment


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