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Private Sessions

Each session begins with compassionate listening to hear what is on your heart and what you aspire to heal and grow. With God's grace, I then guide you through personalized contemplative practices or prayerful movement/dance toward fulfillment of your intention.  The session will support you to deepen self-awareness, release trauma embedded in your body, mind, and emotions, and restore your inner balance. The experience moves with you in your personal relationship with God to fortify your faith, internalize your devotion, and express your authentic self in loving reciprocation.


I have had several one-on-one sessions with Gigi and I am praying for the ability to put into words how much my life has changed because of it. I have worked with healers for 25 years and I can honestly say that the impact of my work with Gigi is unequalled. Her natural compassionate qualities, combined with being an extraordinary channel, have helped me shift old trauma and patterns in a profound way. It has brought me back to my core self and has accelerated the deepening of my relationship with God. If you are willing to put in the effort to do your part, I am very confident that Gigi can help you grow in a sustainable way beyond what you imagined possible.


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