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Grace Bouquets

Deep Spiritual Healing Assortment

Healing and transformation are gradual processes, like a seed germinating, sprouting and eventually unfurling to a flower. White Lotus Grace offers bundles of sessions and memberships to support you through the journey from where you begin to where you blossom. A Grace Bouquet is helpful for Internal Transformation & Trauma Healing, Spiritual Grounding, Inner Trust & Core Cultivation, Developing Desired Qualities, Moving from the Head to the Heart, Authenticity & Self-Expression, Embracing Grace & Embodying Devotion, Relationship Healing & Sweetening, Graceful Transitions, Mentoring Intuitive Healing Gifts, and any other spiritual healing interest. (Read more about the benefits.) Each Bouquet is rooted in a uniquely deep and Divine reading and energy healing combination (see Devotional Intuition & Healing Grace), then nurtured to flourish through four further transformative sessions.